Prepared for truly any change.

Through our services, we help ensure you are able to immediately react to changes to plants or control systems – throughout the entire life cycle. Our process-optimisation solutions range from orientation trainings to process development and special tests to verification of automation level.


The entire life cycle has the answers

The added value offered by a simulation model is obvious: It helps you analyse operational scenarios and assess how to proceed. The key benefits of replicating the entire life cycle of a process or product are far-reaching, from minimising risk to visualising end-to-end processes to achieving significant cost savings. What-if simulations additionally facilitate reliable prognoses and optimisations. Contact us to find out what we can do for your system

  1. Avoidance of risks

  2. Visualisation of end-to-end processes

  3. Significant cost saving

  4. What-if prognoses

  5. Full service for existing simulators


Critical infrastructures are also our thing

The data supplied by the digital twin can only be used to establish coherent options for action if it is correct. To prevent data from being manipulated by external parties, we also help set up the cyber-security mechanisms. We protect your sensitive system data in accordance with the most recent cyber-security requirements by applying the latest security technology, in addition to raising staff awareness. We have the relevant experience in critical infrastructures, and work in co-operation with our colleagues at EKu.SEC.


Think testing isn’t possible during system operation? Think again!

If there’s one thing that’s of utmost importance to any system operator, it’s seamless production. Performing tests and adjustments during operations is thus a no-go in the truest sense of the word. Power plants that generally control their systems centrally via a control-technology network pose particular challenges. Conducting more expansive tests on the real object is out of the question, as availability must be guaranteed.

All-rounder simulator

With its modular structure, network modelling is an all-rounder in the risk-free environment of a simulator: Various scenarios for outages, expansions or changes are examined in detail to ascertain their impacts. System components and the associated configurations can be tested, virtually analysed and optimised in all phases of the value chain.

What we can do for you:

  • Start up and pre-testing of digital control-technology systems on the simulator

  • Reviewing of system start-up procedures on the simulator

  • Emulation solutions for digital control-technology systems


What it’s all about: A strong market position.

Power-plant management is changing, not least as a result of the increasing proportion of power generated by renewable energy. Intense fluctuations are balanced out by controllable power plants. These continuous changes in operating behaviour leave industrial and energy systems vulnerable. Start-up and shutdown processes cause wear and tear and soiling of heavily used components. The consequences: financial losses due to increased consumption of fuels and raw materials, and reduced productivity. Plus a greater risk of total power outages.

Testing methods

If you want to stay competitive as an operator, there is only one option – to closely examine the processes in their contexts. EKu.SIM digital twin models are ideal for testing detailed methods combining renewable and conventional energy sources.